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Call Of Duty 2018: 10 Rumors That Are Likely TO Happen (And 10 That Are Just Too Crazy)

Call of Duty has been gracing our gaming consoles since 2003, and every year gamers anticipate what the next Call of Duty installment might be. This year is no different. For months there has been speculation, and rumors without much confirmation, as fans wait to see what Activision, Treyarch, or Infinity Ward have in store for us. Last year Call of Duty WWII, made a mountain of cash bringing in over $500 million just within the first three days of sales, going further, and ranking up $1 billion
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Halloween 2017 Books: Best New Releases, Thrillers & Reads

With Halloween right around the corner, there are so many different ways to get into the holiday spirit. From decorating your place to shopping for a ton of candy that you know you’ll devour in a matter of days, the list of Hallow’s Eve celebrations goes on and on. One of the best ways to get into the swing of Halloween is a good, new read, but not just any kind. Try a psychological thriller. There’s nothing like cozying up with a book, but what about a book that keeps you up all night and stay
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How To Use Etsy: Best Secrets, Tips & Tricks For Shopping

With the holidays right around the corner, stores and malls tend to get pretty hectic. Not only do stores have huge sales on Black Friday and the day after Christmas, but up until after New Year’s Day, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will find a sale. The only issue is that not everyone wants to go out into the cold, stand in long lines and shop in crowded places. That’s where online shopping comes into play. It’s saved so many of us the headaches and pain of a trip to the mall. One of th
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Eddie Johnson, Sexual Assault: Full Story, Comments

After the emergence of Harvey Weinstein’s history of sexual harassment and assault and the widespread takeover of Alyssa Milano’s #MeToo social media campaign, sexual violence against women has taken a spot as one of the hottest talking points and controversies today. So many people have spoken out, from politicians to celebrities. Eddie Bernice Johnson, a congresswoman from Texas, recently decided to argue her own point about sexual assault: that it isn’t just men that are responsible for sexu
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Concrn App: Full Story, Must-See Details & Features

Concrn is a mobile app that hopes to serve as the 911 alternative for anyone in need during a mental health crisis. With the rise of recent incidents and statistics, Concrn’s mission is one of immediate necessity. According to TechCrunch, 80%of calls made to the police are mental health-related. Unfortunately, police officers aren’t exactly trained to respond to these situations. That’s where Concrn comes in. The app connects you to responders who are not only compassionate but who are also tr
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Latina Equal Pay Day 2017: Meaning, Details & Statistics

You may have heard of Latina Equal Pay Day or maybe you’ve seen it on a calendar or social media, but you might not know exactly the meaning behind the holiday. What exactly is the purpose behind Latina Equal Pay Day? Today marks the day on which the salaries of Latina women finally catch up to what white male workers made last year in 2016. For centuries, women have been seeking independence from men, and the fight for equal pay has been grueling for so many women. That fight that is far from
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Cleveland State Homophobic Posters: Full Story, Details & Tweets

The Cleveland State University campus is outraged over anti-LGBTQ posters hung on on the school’s grounds. To say that the following details are triggering is an understatement, so please be warned that there is graphic discussion of suicide and homophobia in relation to the poster. The fliers encouraged LGBTQ-identified students to kill themselves, used homophobic slurs and touted troubling statistics about the high rate of suicides in the LGBTQ community. Ronald Berkman, the President of CSU
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iOs 11 Emergency Lock: Full Story & Details Of Feature

iOS 11 came with a bunch of fun, new features that also make our iPhone experiences easier. But there is one feature that every woman should have enabled it’s this one: the phone allows you to place an emergency SOS call while your phone is locked. If you knew about the old SOS feature, you knew that you could call 911 from a locked phone, but that required you to dial the number or tell Siri to do it, which could alert your attacker in a potentially dangerous situations and sometimes didn’t wo
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Saudi Arabia Driving Ban: Full Story & Must-See Details

Saudi Arabia announced that they are lifting a ban barring women from driving. The country’s Muslim monarchy finally agreed to end the law today after years of enforcing it. There are several different reasons for the law’s existence in the first place. Some men believe it to be completely inappropriate for women to drive, that it could lead to the decline of Saudi families. Another frequently cited reason is that men wouldn’t know how to handle women driving in cars next to them, let alone whe
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Curly Hair Memes: Funniest GIFs & Photos For Textured Hair

As a curly girl, I already know that our hair tends to be rebellious. From finding the perfect products to tame our curls to battling summer with its constant humidity, it can be a lot to handle. I know that it all comes with the territory, but it can be an uphill battle. What also comes with the territory of having curly hair are the many things that people say. There is always someone that loves to chime in about our lovely locks. Here are eight things that someone just has to say every time